Review Prices and Specifications All New Civic Turbo 2017

One of the cars interested Indonesian International Motor Show visitors or so-called IIMS 2016 is the latest car issued by PT Honda Prospect Motor is the All New Civic Turbo. Yes hearing namanaya also must have made people curious about this latest honda sedan car. Because in general the name of the sedan car always gives the impression of elegance, luxury and stylish. But with the name of the All New Civic Turbo as if this car has the impression gahar car, tough and aggressive.

When in fact the All New Civic Turbo, has a display that is not sebahar name. Still a Honda manufacturer packs this car remains as a premium sedan car that always displays elegen, luxurious and sporty. This is because, All New Civic Turbo Car is a previous civil car regeneration that if successive from generation to generation. All New Civic Turbo is the 10th generation honda civic variant. And according to HPM president director Tomoki Uchida, the latest variants honda civic based honda civic and honda civic reputation that always has the impression of luxury but has a gahar performance.

Speaking of the All New Civic Turbo Specs, yes it is definitely to a much higher specification than previous variants. Even the All New Civic Turbo itself is a pioneer of medium sedan that comes with a tough engine and packed with a charming and luxurious look. For exterior design, this car has a ‘Revolutionary Silhouette Advanced Neo Sedan’, so do not be surprised if the look of this car looks very luxurious.

Interior All New Civic Turbo

Then in the interior, the All New Civic Turbo has a roomy cabin size that makes passengers will feel the atmosphere of the room while in this car. And no less important, in order to look out and harmonize. All cabin New Civic Turbo is equipped with a luxurious interior design, where seats are coated with high quality leather. While dashboard affairs have a look that is tailored to the feel of an elegant and charming cabin. And coupled with some features or panels embedded in the dashboard, make the front of this car look neat and futuristic.


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