Requirements for Implementation of Overseas Travel Insurance

The requirement to apply for Overseas Travel Insurance is actually very easy to follow, so anyone you plan or go abroad is considered obliged to have Overseas Travel Insurance.

Before we discuss the requirements to apply for Overseas Travel Insurance, we better explore first Travel Insurance Abroad and what benefits provided by Overseas Travel Insurance to all insurance policyholders.

Overseas Travel Insurance is one type of travel insurance provided by the insurance company provided to the policyholder while traveling abroad. Such protections include comfort protection to protection from loss of even accidents while traveling. Overseas Travel Insurance usually claims service providers have also worked closely with overseas to ensure your health and safety.

Well, if you’re interested in making Overseas Travel Insurance, it’s a good idea to read this article, as we will give you everything more clearly so that your references can be fully prepared. The terms are:

1. The policyholder is required to be 17 years old to 80 years old

2. Already have a card without citizens (KTP) and passport valid / valid.

3. Have a family card if participants claim Travel Insurance Abroad more than one person. Family cards include the nuclear family of husband, wife and child).

4. Fill in the form or form previously provided by the Overseas Travel Insurance claim provider.

As a suggestion, it would be better if you read the terms, the procedure when the claim as well as coverage provided by the Overseas Travel Insurance claims service at home. In addition to more focus, you can also ask the opinions of other family members.

If you have an accident or material activity and disrupt your trip abroad, you can usually file a claim for 3 x 24 hours after the incident occurred. Do not forget to include proof of claim that includes several things, namely:

1. The contents of the documents provided when seeking insurance claims covering: the timeline of events according to the policyholder’s information, the power of attorney from the policyholder to the person appointed, a copy of the valid ID, the claim form or blank from the insurer and the copy of the insurance policy itself .

2. Additional documents which are also required when the Overseas Travel Insurance Claim is: original receipt originating from the deposit already paid by the policyholder, the original airline ticket, the certificate given by the airline.

3. If you wish to apply for Overseas Travel Insurance, if you have lost valuables and luggage, the documents you should prepare include: a certificate from the police, as well as a letter provided by the airline.

4. If you wish to make a claim resulting from an accident causing the policyholder to die or to have a permanent disability, the documents you must prepare include: a letter issued by the airline, a certificate issued by the hospital, and a birth certificate or death information.

That is information about the terms that you must meet when filing Travel Insurance Abroad claims. Hopefully the information we provide is useful, protect yourself during your business trip or family vacation by owning Overseas Travel Insurance.

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