Car Insurance Claim Plan

What is a claim?

In its definition, such claim is an attempt by the policyholder to indemnify the insurer against any risks such as an accident or theft against an insured car.

What to do when filing an insurance claim?

In the event of a disaster, report the incident to the insurance company as soon as possible. Therefore, an accident report must be submitted by the insured to the insurance company as soon as possible or a maximum of 3 × 24 hours after the accident.
If an accident occurs outside the city, the insured may report to the nearest representative office or branch office of the insurance company.
For claims submitted outside the city, first list important phone numbers, representative office locations and partner workshop listings.
Prepare the chronological attachment of the event briefly and clearly.
Create a loss report at the nearest police station if your car is lost.
Complete supporting documents such as policy data, vehicle registrations, other driver identities involved in accidents, and others when filing claims.
Survey claims can be made by indicating the condition of the car in a branch office, partner workshop, or other surveyor can approach your home or office.
Make sure the insurance company issued a SPK (Work Order) to make repairs in the workshop.
It is advisable to make improvements in partner workshops. Because in addition to administrative cooperation with the insurance company has been established, quality standards work, working time and the amount of repair costs have been raw.

Immediately send your vehicle to one of the insurance company’s partner workshops for quick fixes.
If in the city there is no workshop partner, then the insured can enter into the workshop selected insurance company.
Do not enter the vehicle to the garage without the insurance company’s consent, because the insurance can not pay.
The insurance company should be given the opportunity to survey or inspect the parts of the damaged or lost vehicle, prior to repair.
Do not hesitate to continue to monitor and ask the development of vehicle repair process on the insurance and workshop.

Third Party Coverage

The benefits of vehicle insurance also prevent us from spending unexpected money because of the risks that occur not only in our vehicles, but also the vehicles you hit, if the crash was a collision. Or vice versa, you are exposed to another vehicle.

In the insurance there is a term of Legal Responsibility to a third party (TJH III) is a loss suffered by a third party who is outside the object of the insured directly caused by the object tersebut.HAL things that can be covered by the TJH III is not limited to damage to vehicles motorized but includes damage to property, medical expenses, bodily injury to death.


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