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Accidents are what most people want to avoid, including motorists. But sometimes fate tells others. Whether you are negligent or a victim, not a small fee you have to spend on car repairs and medical expenses. If you have an insurance policy, you can move the risk of bear the cost to the insurance company! Therefore, you MUST have car insurance.

Generally, All Risk type insurance cost is more expensive than TLO because of the difference of protection obtained. If you buy all risk insurance and your car is stolen or heavily damaged, you will still get compensation but if you buy TLO type insurance and your car has a scratch or dent, then there is no compensation at all. Therefore, we recommend All Risk insurance. Keep in mind, the premium for used car insurance is generally higher than the new car insurance.

General requirements:

Age above 17 years
have driver’s license and vehicle registration

Documents to be prepared:

photocopy of ID card, driver’s license, and vehicle registration
original photo of the vehicle

Premium size is determined by 3 factors, namely the type of warranty (All Risk / TLO), the type of vehicle, and the price of the vehicle. Generally the more expensive your car, the higher the insurance premium. But you do not need to worry because insurance premiums for cars and other motor vehicles are only paid once a year.

Premium is a sum of money to be paid as liability from the insured for his participation in insurance. Source: Wikipedia

The good news is, at, we provide the best car insurance option (All Risk / TLO) from the leading insurance company with the cheapest premium. Even if you can get a cheaper insurance premium from, we will change the difference!

Get the best insurance premium for your car right now, both used cars and new cars!

To get car insurance coverage for damages suffered, you need to make a claim. Did you know that the success of a claim depends on whether the insurance policyholder performs the procedure correctly. Here are the steps that will go through in general:

Do not delay to report the incident you experienced directly to our Customer Support.

How long is the reporting deadline? Maximum 3 x 24 hours from time of incident.
What information should be communicated? When reporting to an insurance company, you need to notify your identity and policy number so you can check the status immediately.

Request a letter from the local police

Immediately ask the police for information about the event. In car insurance claims, you must attach this police certificate to indicate that a traffic accident or theft / loss actually exists.

Prepare the photo as evidence

Not enough just with the identity of the police and the identity of the local police, also include proof photos of the condition of your vehicle let alone badly damaged. With uneducated photos, filing your claim will be easy and quickly processed. Fill out the claim form The insurance company requires you to fill out the claim form first before processing further. In general, the required fields are:

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